Nancy Villegas Igor Málikov César Cárdenas


In order to contribute to the meteo-marine knowledge of the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP), the behavior of some atmospheric characteristics of South Bay is described and meteorological differences were identified in two islands of the Palmer Archipelago (south of the Gerlache Strait). The data was obtained during the III Colombian Antarctic Expedition in the Austral summer 2016-2017. The series of air temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, wind direction and wind speed at Doumer Island were compared with those recorded at Anvers Island and with sea temperature behavior at 10 m depth in South Bay (Doumer Island). It was concluded that although Anvers and Doumer Islands are neighboring, the behavior of meteo-marine variables in the Austral summer 2016-2017 differs.


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Villegas, N., Málikov, I., & Cárdenas, C. (2018). An initial aproximation to the meteo-marine conditions of South Bay (Doumer island) and comparison of the meteorological behaviour between Doumer and Anvers islands, Antarctica (austral summer 2016-2017). Anales Del Instituto De La Patagonia, 46(1), 23-32. Recuperado a partir de http://analesdelinstitutodelapatagonia.cl/index.php/analespatagonia/article/view/834