Wildland fires, sucession and ecological restoration in context
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Torres del Paine
ecological succession

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M. Jaksic, F., & Fariña, J. M. (2015). Wildland fires, sucession and ecological restoration in context. Anales Del Instituto De La Patagonia, 43(1), 23–34. Retrieved from https://analesdelinstitutodelapatagonia.cl/article/view/689


In this article we construct a theoretical framework about the effect of fire on the structure and dynamics of forests, shrublands and grasslands, which can be used to address the ecological restoration of these ecosystems. To do this, we review the historical information of fires that have affected diverse Chilean ecosystems with emphasis on the cases of Patagonia and Torres del Paine. Afterward, we analyze the main aspects of the ecological succession occurring after the fire, the main ecosystem changes, and the biological characteristics of vegetation in relation with fire perturbations. Finally, on reviewing the main aspects of ecological restoration and its inter-disciplinary context, we issue recommendations for eventual plans of restoration, management, and conservation for Patagonia in general and for Torres del Paine in particular.

PDF (Español (España))
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