Effect of the 2008 chaitén volcano eruption over the antarctic snowfal
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Cid, P. A. (2018). Effect of the 2008 chaitén volcano eruption over the antarctic snowfal. Anales Del Instituto De La Patagonia, 45(1), 5–15. Retrieved from https://analesdelinstitutodelapatagonia.cl/article/view/772


An investigation of the potential impact on the Antarctic by the 2008 eruption of Chaitén volcano, located in southern Chile (42º49’58”S -72º38’45”W), has been conducted. Major elements content in fresh snowfall was monitored by ICP-MS analysis during the years 2008, at the B. O´Higgins Antarctic Chilean base. Its major chemical components and lead isotopic ratios were compared with the chemical composition of ashfall collected during the eruption. Results from the chemical analysis indicate a significant change in the Antarctic snowfall composition starting in August 2008, four months after the volcano eruption. An increase in the pH and the concentration of several elements in the snowfall was found. Additionally, a strong enrichment of sulfur content in the Antarctic snowfall was detected.

PDF (Español (España))
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