Vol. 51 (2023)


Erwin Domínguez
Composition, structure and diversity of dwarf shrublands of Empetrum rubrum in the continental and insular Magellanic steppe of Chile
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Tomás Ignacio Marina, Nathan Colbrunn
Stability and complexity-stability relationship is different in empirical food webs according to the type of ecosystem
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Erik Daza, Eduardo Almonacid, Cristian Vargas, Carlos Montenegro, Cristian Canales, Pablo Gallardo
Population assessment of the southern scallop Austrochlamys natans (Philippi, 1845) (bivalvia: pectinidae), in Parry bay, a marine protected coastal area of multiple-use, Admiralty sound and recommendations for its conservation
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Erwin Domínguez
Dynamics of vegetation cover in native grasslands of the Magellanic steppe disturbed by the construction of a hydrocarbon pipeline, Chile
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Tamara Marín, Walter Sielfeld Kowald, Anelio Aguayo-Lobo
Observation of cetaceans in the Marine Coastal Protected Area of Multiple Uses (AMCP-MU) "Mar de Pisagua", northern Chile
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César Chávez-Villavicencio, Elier Tabilo Valdivieso
Conservation status of Galictis cuja (Mustelidae) in Chile: analysis on the extent of occurrence and area of occupancy
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Jorge Mella Ávila, Cristian Muñoz Villouta
New localities and updated distribution map of the southernmost lizard in the world: Liolaemus magellanicus (Squamata, Liolaemidae).
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Carlos Ramírez, Yessica, Alvaro Montaña, Cristina San Martín, Osvaldo vidal, Jorge Valenzuela, José Miguel Fariña, Miguel Alvarez
Coastal wetlands in inland seas of Isla Grande de Chiloe and Golfo de Reloncaví, Los Lagos Region, Chile: comparison of flora, vegetation and anthropic degradation
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Francisco Sales Zlatar, Camila Sandoval Torres, Pamela Muñoz
New insights on gastrointestinal parasites present in meat sheep breeds in Magellan
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Notas Científicas

Nicolas Soto Volkart, José Maldonado, Daphne Zambrano, Rodrigo Molina, César Muller, Danae Rodríguez, Víctor Monfil, Bárbara Soto
First record of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Leopardus geoffroyi (Felidae)
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